12 May 2019 Rainbarrel water collection

http://durgan.org/2019/May%202019/12%20Downspout%20Water%20Collection/HTML/ 12 May 2019 Rainbarrel water collection
Water is collected from the roof downspout. Three barrels,heavy plastic are used, each 50 imperial gallons. They are connected by 1/2 inch garden hose with shut off valves. Delivery to the garden plants is by wheelbarrow dipped out of the vertical barrel. The barrels are filled by gravity. The fittings are all garden hose type. Overflow is by removing one of the barrel top bungs and allowing water to drain on the ground. All three barrels are now full as is the dip barrel. The system is very effective during dry periods. Support is steel fence post with steel sling cables. The downspout is disconnected for Winter use. Barrels cost $20.00 each and are food grade. There is only one opening so the system is essentially sealed, hence no breeding of insects. Effective and relatively simple.

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