18 May 2019 Planting tomatoes

http://durgan.org/2019/May%202019/18%20May%202019%20Planting%20tomatoes/HTML/ 18 May 2019 Planting tomatoes
Twenty one tomatoes were planted. They were greenhouse purchased and planted in separate pots to grow strong roots for about two weeks in my small greenhouse. Three of each type was planted, lemon boy, early girl, beef steak, bonny best, Ponderosa pink,ultra girl,and silican saucer.

Each was planted upright, after removing the very bottom leaves, and a small moat was dug around each plant for pail watering as required. They were tied to a small stake for support, and later will be supported by strings overhead tied to a rebar and fence post structure.Each plant was watered using a pail with rainwater delivered by wheelbarrow. Each plant has about 6 plus square feet to grow. I do not remove suckers unless crowding is apparent. Expectations is 200 to 500 pounds weather dependent. I use for fresh table and remainder is made into pressure canned juice. The growing season is about 60 days production limited by frost.


http://durgan.org/2019/June%202019/2%20June%202019%20Tomato%20String%20Support/HTML/ 2 June 2019 Tomato String Support

A string support was installed for each (21) tomato plants. Strings will be added during the growing season to support the fruit as required.

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