Cross Country Cucumber 26 July 2007 Cucumbers (Cross Country)

Cross Country Cucumber (Hybrid) is the only type grown. There are eight plants between the supporting trellis, two together about two feet apart. The trellis is four by eight foot reinforcing concrete wire. There are two such trellis.

I use the cucumber as slicing table vegetable, and this year I will make some dills. It is grown on a trellis to contain the vines, also when dangling off the ground the fruit is green all around and not leached white on the ground surface. This hybrid has been grown several years and is found to be most prolific and can be picked at any size which suits ones tastes. The fruit is nicely shaped and never bitter if sufficient water is available.

This picking is a little late, since I do not usually allow them to get so large before picking.

Downy mildew is starting to appear on the one set of plants, but the crop is almost finished. I got four prolific pickings.

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