Thornless Blackberry 11 August 2010 Thornless Blackberry
Seven pounds of berries were picked from these two thornless blackberry plants in their third year, and the first year of production. The berries ripen over a three week period. Quality is excellent. All the berries have a slight tart taste. This depends on the degree of ripeness. If the berry is fully ripe, determined by it falling off the stem when touched, the berry will be sweet with almost no tart taste. 14 August 2010 Making Blackberry Juice.
Many blackberries are available, so juice is being made of the excess. A container of four cups of berries is filled with water, placed in a pot on the stove and gently boiled for about 20 minutes, with periodic mashing. The cooked mash is then run through a fine mesh screen. The finished product is of fine quality and nothing added. Pure!

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