14 July 2019 Removing Cherry Pits (New Method)

http://durgan.org/2019/July%202019/14%20July%202019%20Removing%20Cherry%20Pits/HTML/ 14 July 2019 Removing Cherry Pits (New Method)
My one cherry tree produced about 20 pounds of cherries, which was processed into pressure canned juice in two batches. The first batch pits were removed using a one time tool, which was found to be tedious. Experimenting a better way had to be found. It is presented here.Production was 7 liter jars or about 2 pounds of cherries per liter of juice.

The pitting method: Clean the cherries. Place in a large pot I had about ten pounds. Cover with water. Boil gently for about ten minutes. This softens the cherries.Drain the water and set aside. Dump the Cherries on a screen mesh about 1/4 mesh and massage by hand or a tool. The musk will pass through the screen and the pits will separate and stay on the screen.Mix the musk with the saved water and process into juice using the typical method. For juice making this is ideal.

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