Cooking Soy Beans 22 November 2011 Cooking Soy Beans

A bowl of soy beans are eaten for breakfast, which replaces eggs for me. About a 20 day supply is prepared at one time, and kept in the refrigerator. I ingest slightly less than 100 pounds per year and buy in 55 pound bags of non modified beans.

Method: Wash several times, boil for about 15 minutes, wash again. Place in beans in colander which is insert for pressure cooker. Oil gasket area of pressure cooker to prevent gasket sticking. Boil without rocker for about ten minutes to remove air. Add rocker and cook for about two hours at 15 PSI.Remove when cooked and place in a pot, use any water left in cooker, and add more water for blending.Add some molasses to suit taste, and boil for about ten minutes to mix. Blend and pour into jars and store in the refrigerator. A litre and one half of dried soy beans is sufficient for one person for about 20 days, eating a bowl full daily.

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