14 August 2019 Processing Garlic

http://durgan.org/2019/August%202019/14%20August%202019%20Processing%20garlic/HTML/ 14 August 2019 Processing garlic
The garlic has been hanging in the shed and is quite dry so further processing can be done.
A few facts the largest bulbs are about 120 grams. Harvest is ideal IMO when the bulbs crack or break the outer skin, only a few of my bulbs reached that stage. I have found the cracked bulbs have identical shelf life compared to bulbs left whole, lso the cloves get slightly larger. The smallest bulbs are selected for seed in 2019 planted in October. I have found no relation to clove size influencing the size of the bulb. My bulbils are still drying and some will be plant later.

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