13 September 2019 Tempeh Chickpea

http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/13%20September%202019%20Tempeh%20Chickpea/HTML/ 13 September 2019 Tempeh Chickpea
Chickpea tempeh was prepared for fermentation. Picture depict the procedure. Wash, dehull, cook, acidity, mix starter, place in cotton lined mold, place in fermenter set at 31C for 36 hours. Another picture will be added at end of fermentation.

Chickpe tempeh fermenting.
http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/15%20September%202019%20Chickpea%20Fermenting/HTML/ 15 September 2019 Chickpea Fermenting
Chickpea tempeh has been fermenting about 40 hours. It will be left for about another 24 hours to insure a deep ferment. It is slower to ferment than soy tempeh by about half.

Chickpea batch is finished processing.
http://durgan.org/2019/September%202019/16%20September%202019%20Chickpea%20Tempeh/HTML/ 16 September 2019 Chickpea Tempeh

This is after about 50 hours fermenting. It is important to mix the starter carefully to touch each pea, since they are so large the mycelium fibers cannot cross the gaps in some cases. Hence some areas do not gt the benefit of the mycelium.

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