13 October 2019 Asimina triloba, pawpaw

http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/13%20October%202019%20Asimina%20triloba,%20pawpaw/HTML/ 13 October 2019 Asimina triloba, pawpaw
My pawpaw tree is producing ripe fruit. The fruit gets soft to the touch when ripe and soon falls to the ground. So far I have collected five fruit. I simply slice and eat raw. They have a most pleasant taste, almost like custard. I have two trees and only one has produced fruit this year.

Final Harvest 2019
http://durgan.org/2019/October%202019/17%20October%202019%20Pawpaw%20Fruit/HTML/ 17 October 2019 Pawpaw Fruit
One pawpaw (of two) trees produced seven pounds of fruit. There has been two light frosts over the last four days and all the fruit was released by the tree. Prior to the frost the fruit was held strongly to the tree branch. The fruit is slightly soft and quite ripe and sweet tasting.

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