Red Lentil Tempeh

Red Lentil Tempeh. I make three types of tempeh, Soy, Chickpea and Lentil.
Lenil is the simplest to make but takes some care.

The red lentils are small and if overcooked turn into a mush, which the mycelium cannot permeate. I buy the red hulled lentils from a Bulk Barn. They are cooked in about two minutes in boiling water. Drain well and keeping the seeds from coagulating by fluffing while they cool and becoming a homogeneous mass. The seeds cook in this short time since the hulls are removed and the seeds are very small.Fermentation is about 30 hours at 31C and produces excellent tempeh.Other lentils can be used for tempeh, but they change color and becomes unappetizing so I avoid. 10 April 2020 Red dehulled Lentil Tempeh

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