13 May 2020 Chickpea Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2020/May%202020/13%20May%202020%20Chickpea%20Tempeh/HTML/ 13 May 2020 Chickpea Tempeh
A half liter of dried chickpeas were made into tempeh.Hulls on chickpeas are thick and must be removed so the mycelium can penetrate the peas. Hulls are removed by boiling the beans for 25 minutes then rubbing between the hands about 5 times and pouring off the hulls.
After hulls are removed the peas are cooked by boiling in water for about an hour. Chickpeas are hard and by boiling they are softened; also the water adds some necessary moisture.
After cooking, the beans are cooled and two tablespoons of vinegar is added and mixed.Then half a teaspoon of tempeh powdered starter is added and mixed well.The beans are then placed in cotton lined molds and placed in a fermenter set at about 31 C for about 36 hours.The result is perfect chickpea tempeh, Annotated pictures delineate the method.

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