22 June 2020 Red Lentil Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2020/June%202020/22%20June%202020%20Red%20Lentil%20Tempeh/HTML/ 22 June 2020 Red Lentil Tempeh
Half liter of Red lentil Tempeh was made. Lentils were purchased in bulk barn, dehulled. Wash about five times, cooked for two to three minutes in boiling water,cooled to room temperature, two tablespoons of vinegar added (can skip if you like) half teaspoon of tempeh starter added and mixed thoroughly. Placed in cotton cloth molds, placed in fermenter set at 31C for about 48 hours. Result is perfect tempeh.

Washing and preventing the lentils from coagulating by stirring is relatively important.Mycelium cannot permeate clumps readily.

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2 Responses to 22 June 2020 Red Lentil Tempeh

  1. Ben says:

    Result looks great !
    What kind of fermenter do you use ?
    I’ve been experimenting with making tempeh from bought organic soybean using the oven with lights on and a cooking thermometer, not a reliable setup.

  2. Durgan says:

    I made a reliable fermenter using a five gallon pail and a leg heating pad from a pharmacy. A cheap thermometer for monitoring. The pad in the bottom of the pail with a LMH Off switch maintains 31C.The pail was purchased from a make your own wine shop for about 3 dollars.At first I added a light for more temp control but it was not necessary.

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