24 June 2020 Chickpea Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2020/June%202020/24%20June%202020%20Chickpea%20Tempeh/HTML/ 24 June 2020 Chickpea Tempeh
Chickpea Tempeh. Method, dehull, cook boil for two hours, add two tablespoons of vinegar, add half teaspoon of tempeh starter, place in cotton covered mould, place in fermenter set at 31C for 48 hours. It was decided to ferment another 24 hours.


http://durgan.org/2020/June%202020/25%20June%202020%20Total%20Fermentation%2066%20hours/HTML/ 25 June 2020 Total Fermentation 66 hours
Fermentation was extended a further 16 hours. This completely fermented all chickpeas. The two cakes weigh about 700 grams and about 50 to 80 grams makes a serving. I ingest a piece of this weight daily for part of my breakfast. Tempeh soy, chickpea, and lentil is my main source of protean, in essence completely replacing meat;

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