8 September 2009 Peat moss and Coconut fiber comparison.

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?UFJVP 8 September 2009 Peat moss and Coconut fibre comparison.

When using peat moss, usually the product is added to the medium straight from the bag. Experience has indicated that it does not mix well when water is added. There will be many dry pockets in the mixed medium. Peat moss a few years ago use to be more coarse in structure. Now the product is processed in a slurry and dried then bagged. This process destroys the old coarse structure. The peat moss is not readily hygroscopic. Its use has been discontinued in my garden area.

I have found coconut fibre to be ideal for my home potting mix.It has an adequate structure, and is hygroscopic, which is a desired feature.

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