31 July 2020 Garlic Raw (Removing Skins)

http://durgan.org/2020/July%202020/31%20July%202020%20Garlic%20Raw/HTML/ 31 July 2020 Garlic Raw
Fresh dried garlic is made into a consumable paste in raw form. First the skin must be removed which is made easy by crushing the cloves in a tortilla press.The skin simply lifts off after crushing. The raw garlic is crushed in a Champion Juicer.The ingredients (Fiber and Juice) are then mixed and put into freezing trays of about 25 grams per cube.A frozen cube is dropped into a morning warm drink and consumed.This ameliorates the sting associated with garlic. Garlic to have all health benefits should be consumed raw. Freezing does not diminish the effect.

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