4 August 2020 Chickpea Tempeh (Simplified Making)

4 August 2020 Chickpea Tempeh
Tempeh was made with 500 ml of chickpeas. The chickpeas were boiled in water for 1 hour and 50 minutes. This loosened the hulls and made the peas soft enough for the mycelium to work.Th hulls were removed by rubbing the peas together five times and pouring off the hulls, adding water as required.Two tablespoons of white vinegar was added and mixed. This is not essential.Indonesian tempeh starter a half a teaspoon was added. This was purchased off the Internet, since Western suppliers are ripping people off.
The chickpeas were placed in cotton covered home made plastic molds.The chickpeas were placed in the fermenter set at 31C for 36 hours.The result was perfect tempeh. I ingest about 100 grams for breakfast daily of chickpea, lentil, or soy tempeh. I find it a great replacement for meat, for better or worse.

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