8 October 2020 First of Marijuana Harvest.

A few marijuana plant limbs were harvested. The selected stems were carefully groomed.I usually use an ounce, 30 grams, for my endeavors.
I scissor cut into smaller pieces. The trimmed pot about 30 grams is placed in the aluminium sleeve about 30 grams. I use the Ardent.
Button is pressed. Red light lights and when green light comes on decarbonization is complete, around an hour of supervision.Decarbonization is first step and must be carried out.Filter by straining through a screen mesh

Place output 30 grams in MBM,Magic Butter Machine, with two cups of extra virgin olive oil or two cups of 35% Whipping cream. Both are acceptable fats.

Place the solution in a sealed container, and store in refrigerator or freezer.Let it jell before freezing

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