14 March 2021 Tempeh Chickpea

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Chickpea Tempeh.Starter is purchased from Indonesia from the Internet. I find any fermentation after 24 hours is marginal but I usually leave for 40 hours. Each cake is about a pound and is about six servings for one person. I have a serving for breakfast daily.
Procedure to make is as follows. Boil for 45 minute to loosen the hulls. Rub the peas between the hands five times to slough off the hulls and pour off the hulls. Boil peas for two hours to soften.
Add two tablespoons of vinegar to acidify.(optional).Add tempeh starter and mix well. About 1/3 teaspoon is ample starter.Insure all is drained well. Place in molds and ferment for about 40 hours at 31 C.

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