18 May 2021 Board Method

http://durgan.org/2021/May%202021/18%20May%202021%20Board%20Method/HTML/ 18 May 2021 Board Method
Seeds are often hard to get germinated. The Sun dries the seeds and destroys them By placing a board over the seeds they remain damp during the heat of the days Sun. Water from a can is poured on the board and enough water seeps around and keeps the seeds damp until they germinate. The rows are about 25 feet.

http://durgan.org/2021/May%202021/24%20May%20Carrots%20and%20Beets/HTML/ 24 May Carrots and Beets
Carrots and beets planted 17 May using using board method. Seven days to germination. The ground was kept damp using watering can daily. It has been a bit cloudy so watering was only necessary once daily. The plants are very small and can be just seen with difficulty.

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