31 July 2021 Garlic

https://durgan.org/2021/July%202021/31%20July%202021%20Garlic/HTML/ 31 July 2021 Garlic
First batch of garlic is dried and trimmed for storage. Average size of bulbs is 120 grams. Largest bulb is 143 grams. Some bulbils are also drying for planting in October. It has been dry so leaving a row in the ground they didn’t grow any bigger and only three split. This is hardneck garlic.

Garlic bulbs left to mature about two weeks more.
This is the last of the conventionally planted garlic.
https://durgan.org/2021/August%202021/2%20August%202021%20Garlic/HTML/ 2 August 2021 Garlic
18 bulbs.

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