15 September 2021 Vegetable Soup Diced

https://durgan.org/2021/September%202021/15%20September%202021%20Vegetable%20Soup%20Diced/HTML/ 15 September 2021 Vegetable Soup Diced
Purchased a chopper for processing vegetables for making soup. The simple mechanical manual device reduces vgetables to about 1/4 inch pieces for soup. This operation is tedious using a knife. Process was to reduce the vegetbles to a small size then cook in a double boiler. The device works well and was a good purchase.

Here is the URL for the device. https://www.vevor.com/products/commercial-chopper-vegetable-dicer-tomato-slicer-shaper-3-8-food-chopper-steel#gallery-1

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