27 September 2021 Concord Grapes (Processing)

27 September 2021 Concord Grapes
Picked 180 pounds of Concord grapes from a commercial grower for 20 d0llrs per bushel. Quantity was 4.5 bushels. A full bushel weighs 40 pounds. These will be procesed into juice about 2 pounds of fruit for a liter for around a total of 90 liters. Process is wash, remove substrate, add water to cover,cook in batches of 20 pounds and make a slurry.Strain through a 2mm mesh screen to remove seeds. Place in liter jars and pressure can at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for storge. Pictures delineate the process.

This is making the slurry. It took five hours to process the 180 pounds of Concord grapes.
https://durgan.org/2021/September%202021/29%20September%20202%20%20Concord%20Grapes/HTML/ 29 September 2021 Concord Grapes Making slurry
The grapes were very mature and sweet. Weight was about 180 pounds. Process: Wash, place on chicken wire mesh and swipe the grapes across to remove substrates. Add water to make drnkable cover. Cook until soft about 20 minutes. Blent with hand blender to make a slurry. Pour in trnsport buckets. This takes about 5 hours to process the 180 pounds of grapes. The next stage is to strain.

https://durgan.org/2021/September%202021/29%20September%202021%20Concord%20Grapes%20Straining/HTML/ 29 September 2021 Concord Grapes Straining
The slurry is strained Twenty five pound of residue mostly seeds fed to birds over four days. +

The juice is canned in 7 liter jars at one time for an hour each time, the capacity of the canner.
https://durgan.org/2021/September%202021/29%20September%202021%20Concord%20Grapes%20Pressure%20Canning/HTML/ 29 September 2021 Concord Grapes Pressure Canning

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