Eighty-Four Liters of Concord Grapes Processed

Eighty-four jars of pressure canned Concord Grape juice at 15 PSI for 15 minutes was processed from 180 pounds of U pick grapes. The product will be utilized during Winter. The grapes were sweet with no bitteness. The removed substrates and seeds were 25 pounds.The complete process took about three days. Food preparation takes up a lot of time.

Picked about three hours 2 people 4.5 bushels. Wash, remove substrate, cover in water, cook in 20 pound lots, beat into a SLURRY with hand blender. Time for the lot about 5 hours.

Strain through a 2 mm mesh to remove seeds and some skins. About 5 hours.

Pressure can about 15 hours in lots of 7 at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for storage. Each batch takes about an hour.
https://durgan.org/2021/September%202021/30%20September%202021%20Concord%20Grapes%2077%20Liters/HTML/ 30 September 2021 Concord Grapes 77 Liters
Anothr 7 are being pressure canned now not shown in the photo.

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