5 September 2022 Watermelon

https://durgan.org/2022/September%202022/5%20September%202022%20Watermelon/HTML/ 5 September 2022 Watermelon
One medium sized watermelon was made into presure canned juice. The whole watermelon was used except the seeds. Method: The skin was removed by cooking the whole watermelon in a large pot for about 40 minutes and removing the washed skin with a spatula. The seeds were removed.

The flesh was then cut into small pieces and the skin and water from the skin removal procedure was placed in the pot. It was all cooked and beat into a homogenous slurry. The slurry was then strained to make juice.The juice was placed in 11 liter jars and pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage at room temperature.
Pictures delineate the highlights.

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