21 September 2022 Processing Concord Grapes

21 September 2022 Processing Concord Grapes
Six bushels of Concord grapes were processed into about 120 liter jars of juice pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes. Six liters of picked grapes weighed about 40 pounds off the vine.

I removed the subtrate holding the clusters by wiping across a chicken wire screen,home made. The grapes fell through and the green subtrate minus the grapes was removed. The grapes were washed in sreened mesh container.

The grapes were separated into two batches due to the size of the pots. Five liters of water was added to each batch to facilitate cooking and to make the final product of a drinkable texture. The grapes were cooked until soft.Then beat into a homogeneous slurry.

The slurry was strained through a 2 mm mesh screen to remove the seeds.
The juice was then poured into one liter jars and pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes. Stored at room temperature for long term storage.

This method uses the whole grape.Perfect juice.Six bushels of grapes have about 3 pounds of removed substrate, and 4 pounds of seed. Both removed. Each bushel yields around 120 liters of presure canned juice. It took about three hours (two people to pick the six bushels of grapes)

https://durgan.org/2022/September%202022/21%20September%202022%20Removing%20Substrate_/HTML/ .21 September 2022 Removing substrate


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