22 September 2022 Concord Juice 122 liters

https://durgan.org/2022/September%202022/22%20September%202022%20Concord%20Juice%20122%20liters/HTML/ 22 September 2022 Concord Juice 122 liters
One hundred and twenty (120) liters of pressure canned juice 15 PSI for 15 minutwas obtained from 6 bushels of Concord grapes. The substrates were removed about 5 pounds and about 10 pounds of seeds. Water was added to facilate cooking and to make the juice drinkabe, about 60 liters total. The juice took about two days to process. The liter jars are stored at room temperature for long term storage. Each bushel produced about 20 liters of juice.

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