16 July 2021 Stages of Garlic

https://durgan.org/2021/July%202021/16%20July%202021%20Stages%20of%20Garlic/HTML/ 16 July 2021 Stages of Garlic

Garlic Stages of growth. Call the bulbils the first year of growth, when plants and allowed to grow they produce rounds call this second year, When the rounds are planted they produce a bulb of about four cloves call this the third year, when these are planted they produce normal garlic a perfect clone of what produced the bulbils. No new garlic is produced since man has selectively grown garlic and destroyed the normal sex process. There are efforts to make new garlic but all I have seen is babble.
The selective method means disease free garlic gets produced in four years and the main crop can be marketed if growing bulbils each year, and bulbils require less space.

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