12 June 2017 Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/12%20June%202017%20Tempeh/HTML/ 12 June 2017 Tempeh
Making Tempeh in pictures.

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11 June 2017 Watering (Two Methods)

http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/11%20June%202017%20Watering/HTML/ 11 June 2017 Watering
Two methods of watering are used. Watering is done as seldom as possible. Mulchng conserves much water.
Water is collected in four barrels from the downspouts of the house. It is accumulated in a dip barrel and transported to the garden area in a wheelbarrow. Only the root area of the plants get water so there is little wastage. If rainwater is insufficient then a hose using a “magic Wand” is used to direct the city water into the root area.

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10 June 2017 Tempeh Starter (Simplified)

http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/10%20June%202017%20Tempeh%20Starter/HTML/ 10 June 2017 Tempeh Starter
After each batch of temper is made a piece is allowed to ferment double time or about 40 hours. It forms black areas which are the starter spores. Then cut into small pieces and allowed to air dry or placed in the dehydrator at about 35C to completely dry. When dry it is ground as small as possible in a coffee grinder. The powder is then placed in a sealed jar and stored in the refrigerator until required. Three teaspoons are used for a half liter of dried soy beans. Storage time has not been ascertained. This procedure means the maker of the tempeh is independent of commercial starter.

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9 June 2017 Colorato Potato Beetle Eggs.

http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/9%20June%202017%20Colorato%20Potato%20Beetle%20Eggs./HTML/ 9 June 2017 Colorato Potato Beetle Eggs.
The last several days six adult Colorado Potato Beetles were removed from the potatoes. Today looking under the lower leaves of the plants several clusters of eggs were found and removed. Every egg would develop into a voracious larvae if allowed to mature. An adult female can lay as many as 500 eggs during the season. They are removed by picking in a small patch of potatoes, but a large field must be heavily sprayed or complete destruction of the crop occurs.

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7 June 2017 Asparagus

http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/7%20June%202017%20Asparagus/HTML/ 7 June 2017 Asparagus
Asparagus picked today 733 grams ~1.5 pounds

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7 June 2017 Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/7%20June%202017%20Tempeh/HTML/ 7 June 2017 Tempeh
Tempeh was made using a bit of ground dried up tempeh from the previous batch for starter. Fermentation was 40 hours. Three loaves were made about one liter of shelled cooked soy beans total were used. The product was perfect.

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Carrots are difficult to germinate and the seed is small making handling difficult also thinning is tedious if required. My method is to encase the seed in small tissue balls, plant under a raised board at adequate spacing. Germination approaches 100 percent.
http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/7%20June%202017%20Carrots/HTML/ 7 June 2017 Carrots

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/25%20Apil%202017%20Carrots/HTML/ 25 April 2017 Carrots.
Carrot seed is quite small and difficult to plant at an appropriate spacing. Thinning small plants is a tedious task. My method is to enclose the seed in a soft tissue ball, which makes planting easy. I only require about 200 so the task is not too onerous. Other seeding methods are to sprinkle through a device similar to a salt shaker also use seed tapes. Both have their handicaps. Planting the ball for a reasonable number is probably the most desirable method. Planting is set at about two inch spacing in a 25 foot row, which is adequate to produce single healthy not intertwined carrots.

http://durgan.org/2017/April%202017/25%20April%202017%20Planting%20Carrots%20Board%20Method/HTML/ 25 April 2017 Planting Carrots Board Method
Carrot seed to obtain good germination and spacing some steps can be taken. Encapsulate the seeds to make them larger and easier to handle, and use the board method to improve germination. Adequate seed spacing at planting means no thinning of very small plants is required. Covering the seeds with a board prevents the seeds from drying out due to hot sun and moderates the soil temperature (Carrots will not germinate above 80F), and from getting moved by heavy rainfall until the plant is established. The board covering is raised with cross pieces so the emerging plant has some vertical growing space before being removed. The board is removed immediately upon the plants emerging. The board method improves germination for most seeds.

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6 June 2017 Garden

http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/6%20June%202017%20Garden/HTML/ 6 June 2017 Garden

Garden to date. All plants are growing and healthy. The garden consists of: peas, carrots, parsnips, beets, vidalia onions, purple cooking onions, kale, collards, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, celery, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, peppers sweet and hot, basil, eggplant, celeriac, okra, green beans, watermelon, dill, sweet potatoes, asparagus, garlic, cucumber, horseradish. The produce will all be utilized some fresh and the reminder juiced/slurry and pressure canned in liter jars, and some dehydrated. Some produce will be stored in a root cellar. The quantity obtained is suitable for about four people during he Winter months (6 months).This is just the vegetable portion.

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31 May 2017 Mulching

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/31%20May%202017%20Mulching/HTML/ 31 May 2017 Mulching
A ten yard (~70 wheelbarrows) load of wood chips were delivered to my driveway and over a few days will be used to mulch all areas of my garden. Cost of chips was $10.00 per yard plus a 30 dollar delivery charge. The chips are transported by wheelbarrow to the area required. If the plants are small the chips are placed by hand otherwise raked in close to the plants. My main purpose of the mulch is to retain moisture by reducing evaporation by the Sun heat. All weeds were removed prior to mulching. Wood chips are ideal for mulch, since rain water can permeate, and the chips are heavy enough to stay n place under normal circumstances.

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29 May 2017 Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)

http://durgan.org/2017/May%202017/29%20May%202017%20Pawpaw%20(Asimina%20triloba)/HTML/ 29 May 2017 Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)
There are two Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) trees in the garden planted in 2007 bare root about seven years growing. One tree is in partial shade and the other in full sun. The full sun tree is slightly larger. Only one fruit has been obtained last year from one tree. The leaves are not fully out yet. Both trees are covered in healthy blossoms. In the past the blossoms have usually been damaged by frost which is absent this year. This tree is unique. It is the only native large fruit tree of NA. All other large fruit trees have been imported. Zone 5 is probably on the outer periphery for this tree to grow. The fruit most delicious is not seen in stores since it is soft like a ripe banana and does not ship well.

Fruit forming first time since planting about 8 years.
http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/15%20June%202017%20Pawpaw%20(Asimina%20triloba)/HTML/ 15 June 2017 Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)
An abundance of fruit is forming on both trees. This is the first time, since planting.

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