9 October 2018 Cannabutter

http://durgan.org/2018/October%202018/9%20Ocober%202018%20Cannabutter/HTML/ 9 October 2018 Cannabutter

This post is how to utilize cannabutter. Often marijuana is smoked. Using cannabutter alone or to make edibles is another method of ingesting marijuana,which is mostly non intrusive. Before using edibles the marijuana must be carbohydrate. The decarboxylating takes place in my Ardeant machine. Simple and effortless.

After the marijuana is decarboxylated, it is placed in a magic Cannabutter Machine for two hours to infuse with oil, thus making the oil based material to make baked goods.
The point is all edible start with a decarboxylated marijuana and infused cannabutter.

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Processing Marijuana.

Marijuana: After acquiring a few ounces of marijuana, then it must be decided how to utilize.

My approach is to utilize canna butter, and tinctures. Both are simple to make.If doing at home there are some bits to learn.

Cannabis decarboxylation is a necessary process in order for us to enjoy the psychoactive effects of the cannabinoids I practiced various methods and decided to invest in two machines.


These two units are touted to be perfect. Certainly enough for the small household grower.

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5 October 2018 Dinner

http://durgan.org/2018/October%202018/5%20October%202018%20Dinner/HTML/003.htm 5 October 2018 Dinner
Quick dinner, Fried in butter; egg, yellow tomato, Yukon Gold potato, fresh eggplant. Sweet potato cooked in oven and in the refrigerator.

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3 October 2018 Trimming Pot

http://durgan.org/2018/October%202018/3%20October%202018%20Trimming%20Pot/HTML/ 3 October 2018 Trimming Pot
After marijuana is harvested it need be prepared for use. Other than smoking, the marijuana must be trimmed and decarboxylated. Trimming consists of removing the excess leaves, and decarboxylation is adding heat to activate the desirables prior to processing further in tinctures or using for cooking. Processing marijuana from seed to utilizing, depending upon the methods, entails a fair amount of knowledge and grunt work. It is no way similar to growing tomato plants.The Internet is saturated with information and in many cases must be weighed and evaluated.

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1 October 2018 Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2018/October%202018/1%20October%202018%20Tempeh/HTML/ 1 October 2018 Tempeh
A batch of tempeh was made. Fermentation was 30 hours. The extra soy beans were placed in ziplock bags with holes punched in the sides for air. The beans were pressure cooked for about 65 minutes. This made the beans reasonably soft and the fermentation was quicker than usual. Indicating the over cooking is beneficial. The fermented beans were placed in a pot and kept at room temperature to ferment longer. Black spores will form which probably indicates full maturity.

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Professional Vegetable / Fruit Press 5″

https://www.consiglioskitchenware.com/collections/vegetable-fruit-press-torchietto/products/professional-vegetable-fruit-press-5inch-2qt-torchietto-small-piccolo Professional Vegetable / Fruit Press 5″ – 2QT (TORCHIETTO) – Small / Piccolo
Periodically I require a vegetable food press. I have used some of the current ones on the market and found them wanting. I ordered this one and consider it excellent. It sure beats using cheese cloth to strain material The structure is strong using the heavy screw to make the pressure. I used it to press grape seeds after they have been separated in the screened food processor. The size is adequate for my home use.

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29 September 2018 Concord Grape

http://durgan.org/2018/Septmber%202018/29%20September%202018%20Concord%20Grape/HTML/ 29 September 2018 Concord Grape
Six bushels of Concord Grapes were picked from a local commercial site and processed into about 90 liters of pressure canned juice. Cost was $20.00 per bushel. The grapes are superb quality this year. The seeds were subjected to a new press to remove all the juice.The process was wash, remove the grapes from their substrate, cook, put through food mill to remove seeds, Pressure Can at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long term storage. Processing was done in bushel lots. Concord grapes make a most pleasant beverage.

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26 September 2018 Indian Corn

http://durgan.org/2018/Septmber%202018/26%20September%202018%20Indian%20Corn/HTML/ 26 September 2018 Indian Corn
The small patch of Indian Corn was harvested and the cobs placed in the greenhouse to thoroughly dry. The kernels will be removed from the cobs and kept in a bucket. It will be nixtamalized and used for making gruel during the Winter. About half the crop was taken by a few squirrels over the growing season. The stalks were removed and put through the shredder and placed on the compost heap.

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25 September 2018 Gruel

http://durgan.org/2018/Septmber%202018/25%20September%202018%20Gruel/HTML/ 25 September 2018 Gruel
About a ten day supply of gruel was made. It will be stored in plastic containers in the freezer. The ingredients are blended with water, garbanzo chickpeas, flax, wheat, sunflower seeds, nixtamalized Indian corn, and almonds. The material is cooked in a double boiler for about an hour to prevent burning. A bowl is ingested warmed in the microwave with milk each morning for breakfast.

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21 September 2018 Vegetable Juice

http://durgan.org/2018/Septmber%202018/21%20September%202018%20Vegetable%20Juice/HTML/ 21 September 2018 Vegetable Juice (Tomato, Celeriac and Eggplant)
The garden is coming to the end of the growing season. Juice was made today from tomato, eggplant and celeriac. This is my first experience with celeriac.Two small chili peppers were added and the effect is apparent.
Annotated pictures depict the process.

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