25 January 2018 Kefir (First ferment)

http://durgan.org/2018/25%20January%202018%20Kefir/HTML/ 25 January 2018 Kefir
This is the first fermentation of new commercial kefir grains received from
https://www.yemoos.com/collections/cultures/products/genuine-live-milk-kefir-grains. The kefir was perfect and the grains increased in size and quantity. The received grains were added to one cup of milk and fermented for 26 hours at 22C in the dark.After removing the grains from a ferment, the residue is left to further age for 24 to 48 hours to improve the quality. Not necessary but apparently improves it.

Second ferment of these grains. Doing just fine.
http://durgan.org/2018/26%20January%202018%20Kefir%202_/HTML/ 26 January 2018 Kefir 2

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Obtaining Quality Kefir Grains

Acquiring quality Kefir grains is left to chance. The commercial sellers of Kefir grains do not certify or test their product. Most people get their grains from a friend or probably from a seller on Kijiji.

This is one seller’s description of his grains, which is probably more than acceptable. Milk kefir grains.

“I obtained my milk kefir-grains in late summer of 1978 from a local friend who has her own milking goats. The circumstances surrounding the fashion if which I was able to procure those milk kefir-grains, which I was on the lookout for about 3 years prior, is an interesting story in its own merit. The culture has been diligently cared for by yours truly over this time. Among the original stock is currently a mixture of now 12 other batches of milk kefir-grains which have been obtained from different sources around the world over the years. These are now mixed together as a single batch, to ensure best quality culture from all batches mixed together as one. This is my personal observation with much research on my part.”

They are now available at a premium here.

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13 January 2018 Commercial Kefir

http://durgan.org/2018/January%202018/13%20January%202018%20Commercial%20Kefir/HTML/ 13 January 2018 Commercial Kefir
Tested some commercial kefir to see if the claim of live bacteria cultures was valid. A tablespoon of the kefir was mixed with 400 ml of whole milk and allowed to ferment for about 40 hours at 20C. Kefir grains formed indicating the culture was alive an well. This is probably the method to use the commercial kefir to harness the full probiotic benefits.

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12 January 2018 Wheat Tempeh 2

http://durgan.org/2018/January%202018/12%20January%202018%20Wheat%20Tempeh%202/HTML/ 12 January 2018 Wheat Tempeh 2

A new batch of wheat tempeh was made, slightly crushing the wheat kernels prior to fermenting. The purpose was to make the kernels more coherent when slicing. It did not achieve the desired aim, since the crushing was not adequate, but the finished product is still acceptable. The end product is relatively soft and pleasant to eat. Pictures depict the process.

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11 January 2018 Wheat Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2018/January%202018/11%20January%202018%20Wheat%20Tempeh/HTML/ 11 January 2018 Wheat Tempeh
Tempeh is successfully made using soy beans the typical tempeh. Now wheat is used for the base and I call it wheat tempeh. It ferments well, but the end product is not bound like soy tempeh. With the next batch I will partially crush the cooked wheat kernels, since I think the mycelium is not permeating the tough skin of the wheat kernel. To insure the wheat is soft it is boiled for an hour, this water is discarded, then the kernels are pressure cooked for on hour at 15 PSI. Allowed to cool to about 30C, a tablespoon of white vinegar and a teaspoon of molasses is added and mixed. Then about half a teaspoon of tempeh powder starter is added and mixed thoroughly. The mixture is them placed in fermenting containers and placed in a 31C environment to ferment for 24 to 48 hours. Pictures depict this first effort. I use it s an addition to morning cereal.

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10 January 2018 Gruel

http://durgan.org/2018/January%202018/10%20January%202018%20Gruel/HTML/ 10 January 2018 Gruel
Gruel was made consisting of: spouted wheat,flax, nixtamalized corn,sunflower seeds, and almonds. This produces about a 30 day supply of breakfast cereal for one person. The ingredients about one liter of each were blended with water and cooked for two hours in a double boiler to prevent burning. Sprouting is a new innovation, supposed to have nutritional merit. The gruel is frozen in plastic containers and pulled as required. Pictures depict the process.

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6 January 2018 Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2018/6%20January%202018%20Tempeh/HTML/ 6 January 2018 Tempeh

A batch of tempeh made. This was fermented 24 hours and is perfect. It is about a ten day supply for one person.

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31 December 2017 Kefir

http://durgan.org/2017/December 2017/31 December 2017 Kefir/HTML/ 31 December 2017 Kefir
Kefir new batch 24 hours fermentation. Pictures depict process.

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30 December 2017 Walk (Morning Daily Walk)

http://durgan.org/2017/December%202017/30%20December%202017%20Walk/HTML/ 30 December 2017 Walk
Walk daily with the little dog, Ginny. Temperature today is minus 10C. There is a bit of snow and sidewalks are slippery.The distance is about 3 km which takes about 40 minutes. In the Winter shoes with icers (studs) are used, since there are many slippery areas. An irritant is the chemical used on the sidewalks. This chemical a salt mixture kills all the earthworms and snails in the vicinity.The pictures depict the route.

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28 December 2017 Icers

http://durgan.org/2017/December 2017/28 December 2017 Icers/HTML/ 28 December 2017 Icers

Experience. I buy one pair of icers a year. The sharp points flatten out quickly and are no longer sharp, after only wearing a few times.But thy still function with any metal present. Many have bolt heads now for studs and no sharp points-recommended.

They can be slippery on porcelain tiles, meaning one must walk carefully moving the feet vertically up and down. with mincing steps.

I have bought them all and experimented. The old spring type are very dangerous except on packed snow. They should be banned. That use to be all one could purchase.

They do not mark floors. I have tested them all. The pointed studs might mark a bit when first new.

I put the icers on a separate pair of boots. It is not convenient to remove them. One can have a separate pair or shoes for convenience. They should be used to reduce the number of falls. I don’t even step outside without the icers on. All one has to do is fall ONCE to have major damage.

https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/43355?page=stabilicers-lite Many stores sell them now often at inflated prices.

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