10 August 2017 Corn Juice

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/10%20August%202017%20Corn%20Juice/HTML/ 10 August 2017 Corn Juice
Eighty four cobs of corn were purchased and processed into pressure canned juice for long term off season storage. Corn cost $7.00 per dozen. The kernels were cut of the cobs yielding about ten pounds of corn. The corn was placed in a cooking pot with ten liters of water and boiled until soft about 20 minutes, then beat into a slurry. The slurry was put through a 2mm mesh food mill and the residue was put through a Champion Juicer to extract maximum nutrients. The processed juice was pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes. Fourteen one liter jars of juice was obtained from the 84 corn, about 5 cobs of corn per liter or slightly less than a pound of kernels.

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9 August 2017 Outdoor MJ Plants

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/9%20August%202017%20Outdoor%20MJ%20Plants/HTML/ 9 August 2017 Outdoor MJ Plants
Marijuana growing without restraint achieves a large size similar to a healthy tree. To keep a plant below three feet takes some expertise and care. Three feet because this is one of the proposed rules when MJ becomes legal for general use.

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9 August 2017 Papaver somniferm

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/9%20August%202017%20Papaver%20somniferm/HTML/mj%20003.htm 9 August 2017 Papaver somniferm
This is one of the most pretty Papaver somniferm flowers.

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8 August 2017 Purple Cooking Onions

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/8%20August%202017%20Purple%20Cooking%20Onions/HTML/ 8 August 2017 Purple Cooking Onions.
Eleven pounds of purple cooking onions were harvested and set out to dry for storage. These keep well in a root cellar.

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8 August 2017 Vidalia Onions Harvested

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/8%20August%202017%20Vidalia%20Onions%20Harvested/HTML/ 8 August 2017 Vidalia Onions Harvested

Fourteen pounds of Vidalia Onions were harvested and laid out to dry to extend storage life. This onion has no bite and makes an excellent sandwich onion, but the storage life is not particularly long.

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8 August 2017 Garden

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/8%20August%202017%20Garden/HTML/ 8 August 2017 Garden
Garden is starting to produce enough tomatoes for the table. Not enough quantity to preserve yet. Weather is cool so production is reduced.

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7 August 2017 Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/7%20August%202017%20Tempeh/HTML/ 7 August 2017 Tempeh
Tempeh is made about every third day. It takes 24 hour from start to finshd. Method is simple:
Half liter of dried soy beans.
Boil for 1/2 hour.
Remove skins under cold water by hand rubbing and floating off the skins, about five rinses are sufficient.
Place beans in a colander and steam pressure cook at 15 PSI for 30 minutes.
Let cool to room temperature.
Add a tablespoon of vinegar to lower pH slightly. Mix thoroughly.
Add ~1/2 teaspoon of tempeh starter. I use Indonesian powder purchased off the Internet. Hand mix thoroughly.
Place beans in cotton lined molds. Sterilize cotton in microwave.
Place in an incubator/fermenter set at 31C for 24 hours. The product will be perfect.
Store in closed container in the refrigerator and use within about ten days or freeze if longer.

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3 August 2017 Garlic Harvest

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/3%20August%202017%20Garlic%20Harvest/HTML/ 3 August 2017 Garlic Harvest
Garlic was harvested about 80 bulbs were obtained. The main crop was grown from Rounds. A row of conventional planted cloves was grown to compare. The conventional grown garlic is perceptually larger but probably not enough to justify using the main conventional crop for the following year’s crop. The scapes were left on and now removed. I don’t use the scapes and suspect leaving them on until harvest makes for slightly larger bulbs. Four seed scapes were left in the round to grow further to insure maturity. These will be used for producing rounds for next year. The rounds planted last year were trimmed and will be used for the main 2017/2018 crop. These were previously harvested. The crop was all healthy and no damage or disease was seen. The harvest could probably been delayed longer since the outer skin of the bulbs had not started to split. Delaying makes for larger bulbs depending upon weather and it has been found splitting of the skin appears to not effect storage time.

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/7%20August%202017%20Trimming%20Garlic/HTML/ 7 August 2017 Trimming Garlic.
Garlic was trimmed and will be allowed to dry further for storage. The stalks were removed also the small root hairs were cut off to prevent moisture build up. Th average weight of the bulbs from rounds was 95 grams. The average from normal planted bulbs was 161 grams. It appears slightly larger bulbs are produced from larger rounds, since some of the round produced garlic was as large as some of the normal planted cloves. Prudent to chose as large a round as possible for planting. Total garlic was 79 bulbs, a good supply for my purposes. It keeps well for about six months in a root cellar. The removed stalks were put through the chipper and blown onto the compost pile.

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2 August 2017 Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/2%20August%202017%20Tempeh/HTML/ 2 August 2017 Tempeh
A batch of soy beans were processed into tempeh. Half a liter of dried soy beans were processed. The dried beans were washed, boiled for 30 minutes, run under cold water and the skins were hand rubbed about five times and the loosened skins were floated off. When the skins are removed the beans split into halves.
The beans now in volume one liter were then placed in a colander and placed in a pressure cooker for steam cooking for 30 minutes. After cooking the beans were allowed to cool to room temperature. A tablespoon of vinegar was added and mixed thoroughly to lower the pH slightly. Then half a teaspoon of spore starter was added and mixed carefully by hand. The spore starter is from Indonesia and found to be excellent quality and low cost off the Internet.
The beans were then packed into molds lined with cotton sterilized cloth and placed in a home fermenter set at 31 C for 24 hours.

3 August 2017 Tempeh After 24 hours fermentation. Perfect tempeh.
http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/3%20August%202017%20Tempeh%20After%2024%20hours%20fementation/HTML/ 3 August 2017 Tempeh After 24 hours fermentation.

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1 August 2017 Blueberry

http://durgan.org/2017/August%202017/1%20August%202017%20Blueberry/HTML/ 1 August 2017 Blueberry
Nineteen pounds of blueberries were picked at a commercial farm and processed into 16 liters of pressure canned juice. Pictures delineate the procedure.

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