26 June 2021 Gardening

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Gardening Overview.
This article is about vegetable use for the off season time. The cultivated area is urban about 1200 square feet cultivated, The preservation is pressure canning, and root cellar. Only plant products are addressed. It takes several years to produce an effective, useful garden. The internet helps but there is much useless babble.

General: Weather is always a limiting factor. My Zone 5 is being considered. There are about 3 months frost free, June, July and August, extended to May and September with frost expected. Soil has to be quality, access to water and full Sun is necessary.

Power tools are corded electric for such a area size. Economic and seldom require repair, and they start on demand. An electric tiller and a weed whacker are probably two essentials.

Various hand tools, wheelbarrow, hoe, rake and shovel, knee pads,watering hose.

Limit plants to useful essentials for beginning growing. Tomatoes, potatoes, beets, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, green bush beans, turnip, Brussel sprouts, kale, peppers, basal, purslane, dill. It takes experience to determine the quantity required.

Insects are always present and it take experience to determine methods to limit damage. I don’t use pesticides.

Seed germination is always of concern. Eventfully methods to assure growth are possible.

Weeds are always present Constant regular hoeing is required.

Animals can be a misery, rabbits and birds and other creatures have to be considered. Chickens wire fencing and air bag scarecrow help. Netting is mostly ineffective.

Fruit can be added. Black currants, gooseberry, peach, cherry, concord grape vine, raspberry.

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