Dehydrating fruit and making fruit leather. 5 February 2012 Dehydrating fruit and making fruit leather.
Peaches, plums, banana, Kiwi, and squash were purchased to make fruit leather.The squash was chosen to add more fibre, and was cooked in the microwave.All the fruit was washed and cut into pieces, then made into a slurry with the hand blender. The slurry was spread on the dehydrator sheets.

The upper surface was sprayed with ascorbic acid, about a tablespoon in a litre of water to enhance fruit colour. The sheets were placed in the dehydrator at 57C for about ten hours. Time is determined by monitoring the product periodically.The end product should be dry and slightly flexible, subjective to some degree.

The finished product is vacuum packed to store at room temperature, and may be placed in the refrigerator for longer term storage. This process is another method of preserving produce.The overall objective is to reduce dependence on commercial processed food, and to make nourishing snacks. The effort is experimental to get prepared for home production, during the Summer garden season. With practice the finished product will eventually be standard size, and a pleasing appearance.

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