Cucumber 5 July 2012 Cucumbers First Picking and Processing
First picking of cucumbers, a quarter bushel or ten pounds were obtained. The cucumbers were made into juice. Annotated pictures depict the process. 23 June 2012. Cucumbers supporting vertically
Finding the training of the cucumber plants along he concrete reinforcing wire to be rather tedious and time consuming, also the cucumber vines at the growing end snap off easily if bent too much, which is easy to do accidentally. I looked for a better way. Having some six foot curved supports purchased in a dollar stores as tomato supports and not using, since they were useless, I brought these out and wrapped the cucumber vines around them with little effort. They appear to be ideal for the task.I found one mature, pristine cucumber which I promptly ate without taking a picture.I noticed bees pollinating the many flowers. 15 May 2012 Cucumber. Planted outdoors, and New seeds started
Greenhouse cucumbers were planted outdoors and new seeds started for a later crop. Pictures depict the procedure. 19 April 2012 Cucumber Trellis
A trellis was prepared for four hills of cucumbers to be planted about the 20 of May and the soil prepared. Two 4 by 8 concrete reinforcing six inch mesh are supported by fence posts and bound with plastic ties. The bed was mulched to retain any rain moisture. The four pots of cucumbers are in the greenhouse. 13 April 2012 Cross Country Cucumber.
Experience has indicated that starting cucumbers indoors and planting outdoors about the end of May produces fruit about a month earlier than direct seeding. Four pots (four hills in the garden) of 12 seeds produces about a bushel of cucumbers. Cross Country Hybrid is prolific, nice shape, a good slicing, and pickling cucumber. I use them mostly to make vegetable juice. Four pots of three seeds each were planted. The pot was placed in a plastic bag to keep the humidity high, and will be removed upon germination. A coffee filter in the bottom of the pot stops soil from leaking out of the drain holes and tends to keep the roots contained when planting in the outdoor garden.

Previous year’s experiences.
Downey mildew is ubiquitous. By starting early as depicted, I usually complete harvest before the mildew completes it nefarious attacks. Also never water from the top to discourage the mildew. I also mulch the area heavily with wood chips to keep a high moisture level. Usually I have a touch of mildew. 24 July 2010 Cucumber damage Powdery mildew fungus. This was a bad year.

I leave two or three plants per hill and trellis on 4 by 8 concrete reinforcing wire,and train to climb. I will post this when installed. One sheet is sufficient for four hills. With constant effort the plants will climb right to the top of the trellis. An added feature of the trellis is there is no yellow area on the fruit from lying on the ground. The fruit is a uniform green.

I also found out something else. I have posted many topics on juicing and pressure canning. I had so many cucumbers that I tried the procedure using them. Upon drinking the juice, I found I felt extremely good almost a feeling of super well being, and I attributed it to the cucumber juice until proven otherwise. 6 August 2011 Making Vegetable Juice. This is the idea. It appears I did not photograph the cucumbers alone.

When planting in the outdoor garden, I carefully remove from the pot, cutting the sides if necessary and carefully place in the ground. The roots must not be disturbed.

I have been doing this for several years. Some years I start some for July planting by preparing four more pots about the 15 of May. 26 July 2007 Cucumbers The cukes are a little larger than desirable, but I didn’t pick due to being away for a few days.

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