Rice Pilot Bread.

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?IUXFC 26 July 2012 Rice Pilot Bread.
Rice pilot bread. Ingredients one litre of whole grain rice and two litres of whole wheat flour. The rice was reduced as much as possible with added water in two batches in a litre jar.A half litre of rice and the remainder of the jar filled with water. This was done twice. This constitutes the liquid for making the dough.The mixture was kneaded into a ball and made into fingers for baking. The fingers were baked at 375F for 30 minutes, then turned over and baked again to insure thorough drying.If to be used in the near future to have softer fingers, they may be made larger, or the baking time reduced by some minutes (10), but for long term storage at room temperature the material must be thoroughly dry. Three methods for softening are, microwave for 30 seconds, immerse in a liquid, or steam for ten minutes.Which method is more efficacious is dependent upon the amount of dryness of the fingers.

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