Peppers 23 September 2012 Peppers
Frost is imminent so the last of the peppers were picked about 20 pounds.Over the season about 40 to 60 pounds of fruit was produced by these nine plants. 2 June 2012 Peppers lowering the pH.
It rained heavily yesterday, so it was decided to acidify (lower the pH) the area around the pepper plants. Two cups of white vinegar was mixed with 20 litres of rainwater.This is a subjective decision, but experience indicates that it is beneficial in my garden. 15 May 2012 Peppers
Nine pepper plants were placed in the outdoor garden. Four California Wonder and five Pimento, both sweet types were available. The plants were purchased in flats and placed in individual containers to establish strong root structures for about ten days in the greenhouse. Peppers need an acidic soil or production is low or nil. I water periodically with vinegar during the season. A cup of vinegar in 20 litres of water was used for planting time watering. Some support was provided utilizing curved metal stakes from the dollar store, which I painted with Tremclad.

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