Making Tortillas 11 June 2014 Making Tortillas.
It was decided to make tortillas using masa, which is field corn processed with calcium hydroxide. This was my first effort. First the corn was purchased from a seed and feed store, and the calcium hydroxide was purchased off the internet, as was a cast iron press. Then the experimenting began.
It was found soaking the corn overnight or longer is beneficial in removing the corn husks. Parchment paper on the press stop sticking of the tortillas when pressing. Cooking in a teflon pan instead of a cast iron grill works fine with no sticking.It was impossible to grind the wet masa with my current tools, so the masa was dried in my dehydrator then ground, first in the blender then the Wondermill to make the flour.
After trying various methods, it was decided to make 50% masa and 50% whole wheat flour tortillas. The idea of getting the nutrient benefits of both.This worked out fine and both products are more than suitable.
Excess flour was covered and stored in the refrigerator.For long term storage it would be put in the freezer.

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