Navel Oranges Processing 20 January 2015 Navel Oranges Processing.
Thirty pounds of California Navel Oranges were purchased from Costco for $1.00 per pound. This is the first of Navel orange of the season for my area. The 30 pounds or 48 oranges were processed into 10 liters of pressure canned juice for extended life storage at room temperature. Procedure was to remove skins, cook until soft with three liters of water about 20 minutes, beat into a slurry, strain through a food mill of 1 mm mesh. The residue from the food mill was put through a Champion Juicer twice to extract maximum nutrients. The residue output of the food mill was put through the Champion Juicer twice. This residue was soft and had a pleasant taste and will be used as a dessert. The ten liters of juice was pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for storage at room temperature.
Ready for Pressure Canning

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