1 June 2016 Rabbit Protection

http://durgan.org/2016/June%202016/1%20June%202016%20Rabbit%20Protection/HTML/ 1 June 2016 Rabbit Protection
Periodically is necessary to protect small individual seedlings like, Brussels sprout and Romaine lettuce from marauding rabbits. Chicken wire is relatively low cost and readily available in 100 foot rolls two feet wide. It is made into 2 foot high cylinders and placed around the plant. The cage is generally self supporting, but is easily strengthened with the addition of a small stake if deemed necessary. The wire is cut into the appropriate length, three times the diameter required. The open ends are joined with wire pipe cleaners from a kraft store. The simple cylinder is placed around the target plant. For storage at the end of the season the wire pieces may be rolled into a compact cylinder. I could find nothing suitable commercially.

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