27 July 2016 Garlic

http://durgan.org/2016/July%202016/27%20July%202016%20Garlic/HTML/ 27 July 2016 Garlic
Most of the vegetation has turned brown on my hard neck garlic. I pulled about a third to evaluate the condition by leaving it so long in the ground. Surprising the bulbs did not split the sheath. This may be due to very dry conditions. I left about 50 still in the ground until the bulbils in the pods are mature. Several pods are partially mature. The bulbs have from 5 to 8 cloves, and are large and top quality. The weight partially dry in grams; 152,115,186,142,160,137,156,96,153,102,166,124,123,112,124,148,112,133,114,96,196,
132,154,128,137,150,146,140,129. The average weight of the bulbs is 132 grams. This is typical of quality garlic. Three to four bulbs to a pound.

http://durgan.org/2016/August%202016/3%20August%202016%20Garlic/HTML/ 3 August 2016 Garlic
Last of the 2015/2016 garlic crop harvested. At total of about 25 pounds was obtained. I allowed it to cure in the ground, which was possible since there has been little rain for about two months. The garlic is good quality.

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