24 June 2017 Edible Pod Peas

http://durgan.org/2017/June%202017/24%20June%202017%20Edible%20Pod%20Peas/HTML/ 24 June 2017 Edible Pod Peas
The edible peas are producing about a pound per day. There are two types in a 20 foot row. Sugar snap and Snow peas. The snow are flat with small peas and the sugar snap are rotund with larger peas. Both are excellent eating the whole pod without a lot a work shelling. There are not enough to preserve so they are used for the table for now.

http://durgan.org/2017/July%202017/4%20July%202017%20Edible%20Pod%20Peas/HTML/ 4 July 2017 Edible Pod Peas
Edible pod peas picked today 1550 grams.

Edible pod peas picked today 4.8 pounds.

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