18 October 2017 Bulbils Planted

http://durgan.org/2017/October%202017/18%20October%202017%20Bulbils%20Planted/HTML/ 18 October 2017 Bulbils Planted
Garlic bulbils (30) were planted. These bulbils will grow into a single bulb called a Round, which will be harvested in July of 2018. The Round will be planted in October of 2018 and will produce a bulb consisting of four or five cloves, harvested in 2019 which will be used for propagating the main garlic crop in 2020. This procedure allows the main garlic crop to be utilized. The effort is minimal and takes little room in the garden, also a disease free plant is produced. The normal procedure is to use part of the main crop for propagation.

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