19 June 2018 Garden Juice (kale,parsley,basil,romaine)

http://durgan.org/2018/June%202018/19%20June%202018%20Garden%20Juice/HTML/ 19 June 2018 Garden Juice
Some garden produce was ready for preserving. This is the first for the 2018 season. The produce was kale,basil,parsley and romaine lettuce. A total of 5634 grams was processed and pressured canned in 16 liter jars. Kale 1568, Basil 354, Parsley 81, Romaine 3851.

The Process is: Collect and wash, place in a cooking pot with sufficient water to make drinkable, cook until soft, hand blend into a slurry, strain through a 2 mm mesh food mill, the residue from the food mill put through a Champion juicer to extract nutrients, place in liter jars and pressure can at 15 PSI for 15 minutes. This is my standard method of processing plant material.

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