31 March 2019 Starting MJ Seeds

http://durgan.org/March%202019/31%20March%202019%20Starting%20Seeds/HTML/ 31 March 2019 Starting Seeds
Starting Marijuana seeds for outdoor planting in May. Harvest will be in the Fall.

4 April 2019 Marijuana Growth
http://durgan.org/2019/New Folder/April 2019/4 April 2019 Marijuana_/HTML/4 April 2019 Marijuana
This is the plants after ten days growth. They were started about 25 March 2019. Thy are under a LED lamp in a bucket with a fan to gently agitate the plants to make strong stems. Marijuana has very weak stems when very young and they tend to be l
eggy without agitation and a strong light. Sunlight being the best light.


14 April 2019 Marijuana (After 20 days growth under LED lamp)
http://durgan.org/April%202019/14%20April%202019%20Marijuana/HTML/ 14 April 2019 Marijuana
This is showing growth after 20 days from seed.I use LED lamps which work fine. I can squeeze 6 growing cups in a 23 liters pail. There is a small fan installed to cause some agitation on the stems to add strength. This is to start the seeds and they will be grown outside when the weather warms up.

27 April 2019 Marijuana Growth
Growth of plants at 32 days from seed under LED lamps.

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