25 February 2020 Red lentils (Tempeh)

http://durgan.org/2020/February%202020/25%20February%202020%20Red%20lentils_/HTML/ 25 February 2020 Red lentils (Tempeh)
Red dehulled split lentils purchased from Bulk Barn or Walmart were made into tempeh. These lentils have small seeds and turn into mush if overcooked. Cooking is critical. My method is to boil vigorously for five minute. This seems be be adequate for making tempeh. Fermentation was 48 hours at 31C.

26 February 2020 Lentil Tempeh
http://durgan.org/2020/February%202020/26%20February%202020%20Lentil%20Tempeh/HTML/ 26 February 2020 Lentil Tempeh
This is lentil tempeh fermented 24 hours. It will be left another 24 to complete. These are purchased red split dehulled lentils and they were cooked in boiling water for 5 minutes.

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