19 January 2021 Tempeh Soy

This is the method used to prepare the soy beans. 19 January 2021

http://durgan.org/2020/August%202020/24%20August%202020%20Soy%20Tempeh./HTML/ 24 August 2020 Soy Tempeh

Soy tempeh is made from 500 ml of soy beans. Th method is somewhat simplified by boiling the beans for three hours. This softens the husks for removal and cooks the beans. The husks are easily removed by rubbing between the hands and pouring off the husks about five times.The beans are acidified slightly by adding two tablespoons of vinegar to the beans in a colander to insure good drainage. Stir and drain well. Add half a teaspoon of tempeh starter and mix well. I order my starter from Indonesia off the internet, Place the beans in the cotton lined molds. I made the molds using plastic containers with vent holes. Place the molds in a fermenter set at 31C for 40 hours. The result is perfect tempeh. Pictures depict the process.Perfect tempeh.

Pictures of the 19 January 2021 Soy Tempeh

http://durgan.org/2021/January%202021/21%20January%202021%20Tempeh%20Soy/HTML/    21 January 2021 Tempeh Soy



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