22 July 2022 Processing Black Currants.

Twenty six litters of juice was obtained from about 18 liters of black currants from six bushes in my garden. Each liter of processed juice contains about 250 grams of berries after water was added to make the product drinkable.

Process is wash and clean, added enough water to make drinkable and cook until soft, beat into a slurry with a hand blender. Strain through a butterfly hand strainer using a 2 mm mesh screen to remove seeds. Pour the juice into one liter jars (7) the capacity of the pressure canner. Pressure can at 15 PSI for 15 minutes to sterilize for long term storage at room temperature.

Pictures depict the process. Copy and paste the URL into your browser to view.  I pressure can about 400 liters of all plant food yearly  and never had any spoilage. I usually open two jars and mix and drink during the day.


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