18 September 2022 Processing 6 Bushels of Concord Grapes

https://durgan.org/2022/September%202022/18%20September%202022%20Procesing%20one%20bushel%20of%20Concord%20Grapes/HTML/ 18 September 2022 Processing 6 Bushels of Concord Grapes

Six bushels of Concord Grapes 40 pounds each were processed into about 126 one liter jars of juice. Explained with pictures is one bushel. The remainder were similarly procesed.

Prcess is Wash, remove green substrate, Cook and beat into a slurry, strain, pressure can.

Detail:Wash, the grapes have not been sprayed.

Remove the green substrate, Swipe across a metal chicken wire screen home made. The grapes fall through and the substrate can be picked off.

Cook and beat into a slurry, add about 5 liters of water to faciliate cooking  and to make the end product drinkable, Use a hand blender, Cook until soft about 20 minutes.

Strain to remove seeds using a 2 mm mesh plate in the strainer. The end producgt is a juice.

Pressure can, Fill 7 one liter jars and presure can at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for off  season storage at room temperature Some jars may not seal, redo or use the affected jars within a few days.

The process takes a bit of time, but the end product is a perfect juice.

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