Wheat, Soy Flour made in Blender

http://www.durgan.org/URL/?OTKKH 25 January 2012 Flour. Whole Wheat and Soy Bean Flour made in blender

After pursing the various expensive flour mills being offered for sale, I decided to use my home blender to make wheat and soy flour. Flour mills had their day, when blenders were not available.From my experiences flour mills are redundant and a device from a past era, about as useful as the buggy whip.The home blender makes an equivalent flour product and in a much shorter time. I bought some commercial flour from bulk barn and found with the wheat that it was clearly modified by having part or all of the wheat kernel removed judging by the colour compared to the home blended. The point being if you want to grind flour at home, use your blender, instead of paying for an expensive flour mill.

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