Bees 23 June 2012. Bees on Papaver somniferum flowers
Bees swarm the Papaver somniferum flowers. I had and have more bees this year than the last six years combined.The grass in the backyard has not been cut for about a month and the white clover flowers are not cut off. The yard is white with these clover flowers. This is also an attraction for the bees.I seeded the clover about six year ago in the grass. 16 June 2012 Poppy and Bees
A picture of a pretty poppy growing almost alone. The other Shirley poppies are saturated with bees. Next year the poppies will be planted on the periphery of the vegetable garden and along some rows to attract bees. The poppy plant is basically not intrusive and should grow well amongst vegetables, particularly tomatoes.

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