Fruiting Mulberry Bush (Morus nigra) 28 June 2012 Fruiting Mulberry Bush (Morus nigra) Fourth Picking.
Fourteen ounces of prime berries wee collected. These are probably the sweetest berries to which I have been exposed. 26 June 2012 Fruiting Mulberry third harvest
Six ounces of fruit obtained. This was made into a milkshake using skim milk. Very delicious. 24 June 2012 Fruiting Mulberry second harvest
Six ounces of fruit collected today. The berries were made into a milkshake using skim milk. 23 June 2012 First picking fruit of the Fruiting Mulbrrry Tree
Eight ounces of fruit was obtained on the first picking of the fruiting mulberry tree. The berries are soft, full of juice, and the sweetest of any berry known to me. Never sold commercially due to softness, and difficulty to stop bird droppings from contaminating the fruit. Ideal for a back yard garden. 22 June 2012 Fruiting Mulberry Bush (Morus nigra) Bird Protection
My fruiting mulberry bush is heavily laden with prime fruit this year. Seldom do I get much fruit, since the robins collect most and destroy the remaining berries by defecating with their white faeces, almost like white wash.The berries are best collected by shaking the tree and collecting the berries in trays on the ground. It rained last night and the berries are just beginning to ripen, so were very clean today, so I decided to build an enclosure to protect from the robins. The enclosure has to be all around, since I have found robins eating under the tree canopy which is open.

Construction was using 8 foot rebar 1/2 inch diameter for support. The fibre glass roll is 8 feet wide and 50 feet long.The fibre glass screening was fastened using plastic ties. The top was bunched and tied to completely enclose the tree.This screening is strong, and doesn’t snag when working with it, not like the cheap netting being sold as bird protection, also it does no damage to the birds, since they cannot become entangled.The collecting trays are covers off plastic storage boxes and pails. Fibre Glass screen supplier.Various widths and the price is excellent.To locate a Canadian supplier check with a local door and screen repair shop.

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