Pruning Blackberry 19 January 2013 Pruning Blackberry
There are two thorn-less blackberry bushes, supported by three, (12 feet wide) reinforcing concrete mesh, eight feet tall. The name of the cultivar is unknown, but the fruit is excellent,amongst the best I have encountered. There was no fruit in 2012 due to a Spring frost damaging the plants. My two plants are reasonably straight with several main stalks from each plant. My method of pruning is to trim each stalk and tying to the trellis using wire strips.Had there been fruit, the fruit bearing canes would have been cut out after the harvest.These two plants produce many berries in a good fruiting year. Around 20 quarts. The bushes get horribly crowded and pruning is necessary, and the method is somewhat subjective. At this time of year the plants are completely dormant.

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