19 April 2016 Planting Potatoes

http://durgan.org/2016/April%202016/20%20April%202016%20Marking%20Seed%20Potato/HTML/ 20 April 2016 Marking Seed Potato
Each seed potato is marked. The vegetation is all gone when digging and this identifies the center of the clustered new potatoes. If watering is necessary it indicates were to put the water so it goes to the roots.

http://durgan.org/2016/April%202016/19%20April%202016%20Planting%20Potatoes/HTML/ 19 April 2016 Planting Potatoes
Two types of potatoes were planted Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold. A few Red Pontiac were started in the greenhouse in containers as an experiment. The container must not be too wet or the potato will rot. The potato bed is 8 feet by 16 feet and 42 potatoes were planted. Rows are 2 feet apart and spacing in the row is about 15 inches. There are 24 Red Pontiac and 18 Yukon Gold, which is a yellow orange fleshed potato. My typical harvest is average four pounds plus per plant.

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